Following the huge success of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon film, many fans are running to the toy stores to buy their own transformers toys. But sadly, many fans were not able to buy what they wanted because many other fans beat them to it. It is really inconvenient to travel to the toy stores just to get the toys but would find out later on that they are already unavailable. Having said that, let me share to you the disadvantages of not buying toys from the internet.

1) You have to pay the gasoline to go to the toy stores. This is added expense from your pockets. Compare the ease of ordering online, your toys will be delivered right to your doorsteps.

2) Worse, when you arrive there, what you want to buy are no longer available. Now, that is a big hassle you don’t want to get into. But if you are going to buy from the internet, you will know right away if they are in stock or not, saving you time and effort.

3) There is not much toys to choose from. Many toy stores only have limited stocks on certain items. If they are not yet available, they will tell you that stocks will be arriving in a few weeks or so, so you will spend time calling hotlines to check stocks or go to another toy store to check the availability. Unlike if you go online, the web is much more updated and you can check right away and select which to buy.

4) Believe me when I say, speaking from experience, that there are more discounts, more promos, and prices are lesser online compared to the ones in the stores, though not really that big difference, but consider the savings most especially if you buy bunch of items.

So get your own Transformers Robo Power toys now before they run out of availability. You can purchase them online. Save yourself from a lot of hassle, money and time.

Revving Robots Optimus Prime

The fearless leader of the AUTOBOTS needs your help to let the DECEPTICONS know there’s no room for them in the universe! So rev up Revving Robots Optimus Prime and join the adventure. With an unflinching glare and steely determination, this OPTIMUS PRIME figure is ready to take out the DECEPTICONS once and for all….read more!

Revving Robots Bumblebee

The fastest AUTOBOT® around is revved up and ready for battle. Team up with Bumblebee to take on the DECEPTICONS® in an all-new adventure! Just like this AUTOBOT figure will tell you, â??Nobody can catch Revving Robots Bumblebee! Heâ?TMs a lightning-quick competitor, overwhelming the DECEPTICON enemy with his blinding lights and sending them spinning with his rotating weapon!….read more!

Robo Fighters Bumblebee

Robo Fighters BUMBLEBEE is one of the most trusted fighters under the command of OPTIMUS PRIME. He is the first to arrive on any battlefield, where he scouts out the territory for the other AUTOBOTS. With that unflinching glare and steely determination, this bot is ready to obliterate the enemy DECEPTICONS. Your BUMBLEBEE figure has hidden weapons that appear with a simple shift of his armor! As you slide his shield into place, canons pop up from his shoulders… more!

Robo Fighters Optimus Prime

ROBO FIGHTERS PTIMUS PRIME is the mighty leader of the AUTOBOTS. With his powerful weapons and invincible armor, not even the toughest DECEPTICONS can defeat him! With that unflinching glare and steely determination, this bot is ready to obliterate the enemy DECEPTICONS. This most revered AUTOBOT hero is always primed for battle –and armed for DECEPTICON destruction!….read more!

Robo Fighters Ironhide

ROBO FIGHTER IRONHIDE is a stealth fighter, an AUTOBOT always looking for a challenge. Your IRONHIDE figure is ready for robo battle! Just slide his protective chest shield down and deploy weapons for battle mode! With his icy gaze and steely determination, this AUTOBOT means business… more!

Robo Fighters Starscream

Calculating, ruthless and ambitious, Robo Fighters STARSCREAM is nearly as powerful as MEGATRON himself. Though other DECEPTICONS may not respect him, they all fear his power, and obey him without question… more!

Activators Starscream

Spring into action with this easy-conversion vehicle-to-robot villain! With just one click of a button, this fearsome ACTIVATORS STARSCREAM figure changes from F-22 Raptor jet vehicle mode to battle-ready robot mode. Click the button again to convert him back to vehicle mode so he can chase down his enemies. As the battle rages on, keep clicking to convert him back and forth — and face whatever his enemies throw at him!….read more!

Activators Optimus Prime

ACTIVATORS OPTIMUS PRIME has defeated many dangers over the years. Now he faces his greatest challenge, as MEGATRON returns once again to threaten Earth. The AUTOBOT leader has defeated his archenemy once before, and he intends to do it again, this time for good!Spring into action with this easyconversion vehicletorobot hero!….read more!

Activators Bumblebee

Activators BUMBLEBEE is sworn to guard the humans under his protection, no matter what. Protecting others is what he was built to do – he is selfless, fearless, and skilled enough to bring down opponents twice his size. When the DECEPTICONS attack, BUMBLEBEE is there to stop them in their tracks… more!

Activators Recon Bumblebee

ACTIVATORS RECON BUMBLEBEE is one of the most skilled AUTOBOT warriors. He’s challenged some of the biggest, most villainous DECEPTICONS and emerged victorious. His bravery and valor are matched only by his obsession with his vehicle mode – just a scratch to his paint by a DECEPTICON is enough to spark an all-out battle!…read more!

Activators Ironhide

The older ACTIVATORS IRONHIDE gets, the wiser he becomes. His battle experience is second only to OPTIMUS PRIME. His memory banks, though nearly filled to capacity, remain hyper accurate. He routinely regales fellow AUTOBOTS with harrowing tales of battles long since won….read more!

Activators Megatron

ACTIVATORS MEGATRON has dozens of plots running at any time. He suffers defeat only as a temporary setback to his larger goals. This time, nothing will stand in the way of a final victory over OPTIMUS PRIME and his AUTOBOTS….read more!


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